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    batch updating video metadata from .thm sidecar files

    jeffbottom Level 1

      I recently migrated from Aperture to Lightroom and one of the great joys was that LR was able to read the metadata from the .thm sidecar files associated with the videos I have shot on over a decade of Canon cameras. For years I had been renaming the sidecar file extensions from .thm  to .jpg so that I could at least have the camera info beside the video file in my aperture catalogs, ugly but better than nothing right. But now LR can do it for me so much cleaner, hoorah ! So I renamed all the sidecars feels back to .thm and now if I re-import the videos the metadata comes with them, joy !!! ... except.... that means having to manually re-import 10s of thousands of video files.

      I had assumed there would be a simple way to batch 'update' or 'read' metadata from the sidecar files for selected videos in LR but alas I can find no such way. Breaking the link to the original file (by changing the folder name or location) and then 'locating' the files doesn't work, it will find the files and re-link no problem but it won't update the metadata. And after a week of searching for an answer on the internets I have drawn a blank.

      so I'm really really really hoping seem clever person out there has had this problem and contrived a cunning solution.

      all the best../JL