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    How to fix Slow Text Editing Issues in AE CC2015?


      I just installed AE cc2015 from creative cloud panel in my new ProBook and Im having issues with editing text or solids.

      Basically, it takes like 30 seconds for me to see on screen what I type, or if I move an image, I have to wait as well.


      I have seen other posts about this, but have not found the solution.


      I got an HP ProBook

      16GB RAM

      Windows 10 Pro 64bit

      Intel Core i5 3380

      256GB SSD


      I also get this message when I open: Ray tracing on the GPU requires an approved NVIDIA graphics card and CUDA 5.0 or later.

      This may require installing the current display driver. For now ray-tracing will use the CPU.


      Im not sure if that issue is related to this.


      Im new to ae, so I would appreciate details.

      When I set up the comp settings, it is FullHD, 3D Classic.