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    Cannot import Elements Catalog

    Rico 11

      Good Evening,

      I have just installed LR CC 2015.  I'm trying to import my PS Elements 12 catalog.  After installing LR it asked if I wanted to import my Elements catalog.

      I answer OK.


      It completes step 1 but very quickly Steps 2 and 3 flash by and the process fails with an error message "Could not import Elements catalog because of an unknown error."


      I went to Elements and ran a catalog repair.  No problems were found but I ran the repair anyway.  (I have only one catalog with about 7200 photos in it.)  Tried the import again.  Same result.


      My computer is a mid-2013 iMac with 8GB RAM.  The OS is 10.11.4.


      Thanks in advance for your help.