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    Custom Indexing references, help?


      We have a project coming up; and i need to see how easily we can do this; we are publishing a member directory, and in the front of the book; it will be a list of committees, and other groups. In the back of the book, we need to list the people in these groups, with their contact details, as well as every page these members appear in.

      I've figured out how to reference the page numbers; but is it possible to include in the index system the additional details? in case this index needs to be updated after multiple revisions?

      similar to perhaps a dictionary with page references; or footnotes?

      we will be using InDesignCC for this project if that helps

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          Doc Maik Level 4

          There are several ways. Indesign can create indexes, but this is not as flexible as you might need it.

          If the number of persons is not that big, you may want to create the index manually an refer to the pages with text anchors.

          The index would then update automatically if you re-arrange the pages layout or insert/delete pages.