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    I have a prototype - Now What?

    fashionrisk1 Level 1

      Considering the current feature set and the published roadmap for XD, I'm wondering if there's considerable benefit to using this app over photoshop.  The drag and drop feature in XD is nice, as is the ability to animate the screen and make movies of those interactions.  Beyond that, the app can only output svg or png and from what I can see, does nothing to kickstart the coding effort (other than providing a picture). 


      Photoshop artboards, graphics export tools, and CSS export ability seem quite capable for producing spites and other graphic assets for an app (as well as a snapshot for coders of what the finished product should look like).  XD makes the prototyping process faster, but it seems like it's mostly a duplication of capability when compared to Photoshop.


      Most coders I work with understand page transitions and content place holders. What would really be useful is to see XD include features to allow coders to ingest the prototype exported from XD to keep things, well, rapid.


      Is there any interest from users or is it part of the longterm roadmap to make XD more than just a visually expressive tool? 


      Are there any tutorials on how to integrate XD with Dreamweaver or Muse?  Are there any workflows that mutually benefit designers AND coders during the handoff to the coding phase of a project (aside from having a picture to share)?

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          elainecc Adobe Employee

          Hey, fashionrisk1-


          Great questions. We're definitely looking at closing the communication loop with developers. We have a story you can add your thoughts to here:

          Delivery to the development with specs, styleguides etc – Adobe XD Feedback : Feature Requests & Bugs


          Specifically, we're looking at feedback as to whether you'd want more traditional redlines or something more exploratory--for instance, there's a request regarding creating a tool that is more like the Creative Cloud Extract feature that allows developers to navigate through a Photoshop PSD.


          There aren't currently tutorials on how to integrate XD with those two programs specifically, but I'll add it to my list of things to potentially write about in the near future, as I contribute to the Creative Cloud blog for XD. Thanks for the great ideas! Feel free to reach out to me via PM if you have additional content requests.