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    Published Photo Changes Not Being Updated


      I have LR CC 2015.5.1 and am just starting with it.  I have created an online account (zenfolio) and have a publish service set up with a VERY popular plugin.  The photos upload fine, but if I make any changes in LR I am under the understanding that I should see them change in the online service once I re-publish them, correct?  Not happening.  No changes being reflected, although LR does show that they are changed and after the re-publish, they go back into the "Published Photos" area.  Any idea what I could be missing?  I have searched on here a bit and found similar problems, but not the same.

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          Mohit Goyal Adobe Employee (Admin)

          Hi dsmracr,


          Once you make any changes to any uploaded image on Zenfolio, you need to click publish again to update the changes on Zenfolio site Or account.


          Publish Lr.png


          Are you doing that.




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            dsmracr29 Level 1

            I am doing exactly that.  It processes in the upper left corner and that category disappears and the image is moved to "published images" but no updates on the site.

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              bhousto90 Level 4

              Republishing should overwrite the existing image on Zenfolio, I can think of three possibilities for your problem:


              1) The file type uploaded to Zenfolio is set to "Original"

                   ~ Only your unedited original file is uploaded even if there are edits to it


              2) There are no Develop edits to the photo but "Marked for Re-Publish" has been triggered because of a Metadata change i.e new keyword. (Check the "Metadata that Trigger Republish" section of the plugin settings to see that everything is set for what you want)

                   ~ Image on Zenfolio will not change but the metadata will get updated.


              3) If the images were renamed on Zenfolio after publishing that could break the file link between LR and Zenfolio. So in the next publish it will upload a new copy of the image to replace the 'missing/unlinked" one to your gallery (Depending on Zenfolio Gallery sort order they may be last in the gallery)



              Create a new test gallery with just a few photos and after uploading them make a large exposure change (or other very recognizable development change) to single photo and republish. See if the problem still happens with this new Gallery?

              (Note: use new test photos that are not already on Zenfolio.)

              Change the sort order of the Zenfolio Gallery to "upload order" then it is easy to find the republished photos.

              Click on the Info button for the photo in Zenfolio and see if the date modified changes after it has been republished.




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                dsmracr29 Level 1

                I think #1 might be on the right track.  #3 is not it as no name changes on either side have occurred.  #2 is not it as there are actual develop changes.  Where would I find the "Original" setting that you refer to?  That very well could be it!

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                  bhousto90 Level 4

                  In the settings for the Publish service you will find the "File Settings" section


                  There are options for image format (Original/JPEG/Tiff) and Quality etc just like when you use a normal Export.

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                    dsmracr29 Level 1

                    Thanks!  I misunderstood the "Original" setting to mean uploading whatever format the original was, not the actual ORIGINAL with no edits.  All is well with the world now!