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    NoteTag Problem

      NoteTag has on the labs,I have downloaded the zip sourse.But when i installed it step by step according to the "NoteTag Installation Guide". in the step four "4. Set Up Your Flex Builder Projects". The dialog will be popup "Cration Promblem" when i executed "On the File Menu, select "Import", then "Existing Projects into Workspace". Select your workspace folder, check the five projects that are available (AtomProtocol, Connections, Feeds, Libraries, and TagServerProtocol), and select "Finish". This will set up and compile the projects that NoteTag depends on. " the detail is "" C:\Documents and Settings\Zikey\My Documents\Flex Builder 2.0\NoteTag\AtomProtocol overlaps the workspace location: C:\Documents and Settings\Zikey\My Documents\Flex Builder 2.0.

      my fds directory "C:\fds2"
      Flex Builder directory "C:\Program Files\Adobe\Flex Builder 2.0 Beta 3"

      Who can help me ?
      thank you!