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    Lightroom lowering my exposure by a stop on import.


      Every photo I import is showing up dark and with a different  histogram than the RAW file.  When the picture first appears during upload it appears correct for less than a second then is exposure is lowered.  Here's what I've already done:

      Checked to make sure Lightroom Preferences auto tone wasn't selected.

      Hit restore on a brand new import to see if there was an adjustment applied

      Hit shift+restore with no results.


      Please help.

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          JimHess Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          When raw images are first imported into Lightroom the embedded JPEG preview is displayed. That JPEG previews can be affected by various in-camera settings the Lightroom does not read. Some cameras have special settings that will impact exposure. Specifically, Nikon has active D-lighting which can affect exposure. After the raw images are loaded into Lightroom, Lightroom generates its own preview of the raw image data. And Lightroom does not read those in-camera settings. So the change in the image is a result of Lightroom switching from the embedded JPEG preview to the Lightroom-generated preview of the raw image data.