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    JSFL drawing error - fill and stroke

      Flash's drawing capabilities are slighly bugged. At first I thought it was a JSFL problem, but the problem can occur even while manually drawing. Execute the JSFL below, and you'll notice I draw a gray rectangle with a black border, then a line, then 2 touching triangles on top of the line.

      Both triangles should be filled with orange, but notice only the 2nd has any fill, and was filled oddly. If you go back one step (Ctrl-Z), everything is fine up to that step. After the 2nd triangle is drawn, the first loses it's fill. This only occurs in freak coordinates about 1% of the time. If you change the order the triangles are drawn or the coordinates slightly, it will work again.

      If this was all manually done, I could just change it slightly, but I'm writing code that generates JSFL, and this error occurs too frequently to allow professional quality.