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    Error #2044: Unhandled IOErrorEvent:. text=Error #2035: URL Not Found.




      I have just recently started using the Flash platform and working with ActionScript. I have started a small project and attempting to load a PNG file onto the stage. I have an image directory within the project folder and have the following code which is generating the error.




          import flash.display.Loader;

          import flash.display.Sprite;

          import flash.events.MouseEvent;

          import flash.net.URLRequest;


          [SWF(width="550", height="400", backgroundColor="#FFFFFF", frameRate="60")]


          public class Kitties extends Sprite


              //Declare the variables for the background.

              public var backgroundURL: URLRequest;

              public var backgroundLoader: Loader;

              public var background: Sprite;


              public function Kitties()


                  backgroundURL = new URLRequest();

                  backgroundLoader = new Loader();

                  background = new Sprite();


                  backgroundURL.url = "..\images\background.png";








      Unfortunately I was unable to locate a code block to contain this and there is no syntax highlighting for ActionScript within the forum?



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          Kirkkaf Level 1

          So I have since realized the backspace '\' is used for escape characters in string literals so I have since doubled them up '\\'.


          Typing the full directory resolves the issue but if my project was used on another computer the directory path will be different so I need to know the default path it runs the application from. I thought this would be the bin-debug folder. So moving up the directory to the main project folder then into my images folder should work but it isn't.