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    Code execution order

    Nixy Level 1
      Weird question, but I guess that I'm not alone with this question.

      Here it is. I have a movie that I load in to another. Frame 1, there is nothing exept all functions declaration. On the frame 5, the movie start. It means that there is many clip and subclip there. All on one frame. I publish the swf with the option bottom up so all the code call are on the top layer. That means that all clip on the _root exist before the main code call them. My problem is that the main code execute, but even if all clip exist, their subclip does not. Is there a way with actionscript to wait until all clip and their subclip exist on the frame before the code on the _root call them. All on one frame. If I call to go on frame 5 and then on the frame 6 the main code execute that works. But for some reason I need to know if there is a way to do all on one frame.

      Any idea would be appreciate!