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    Multiple Cross Reference Formats

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      Hi there


      I have a document with figures and with footnotes. I use paragraph styles to number my figures. I do the same with another paragraph style to number my footnotes.

      Then sometimes I add cross references in the text to link to the image. (So if I add an image somewhere in the document, all the following numbers of the figures will be updated and I can update the cross references in the text with the «update cross references» command.

      (Basic stuff about numbering and cross references can be found here: InDesign tutorial: Automatically updating figure references for books | lynda.com - YouTube)


      Now I can use the option «Cross Reference Format» in the «Edit Cross Reference» Pop Up.

      If I click on the small pen I can choose a character style for the cross reference. So far all ok.


      (See images)


      But now I want to have a different cross reference format whenever I reference to a footnote (then I want something with a superscript). If I reference to an image I want the text to be italic, but not superscript.

      If I change the cross reference format for one reference it will change the format for all references.

      Is there any way how I could use different cross-reference formats?


      Thansk for help.






      Screen Shot 2016-05-20 at 13.55.01.png

      Screen Shot 2016-05-20 at 13.55.13.png