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    Media Encoder rendering time increases to infinite times.


      I have a big problem exporting with AME.

      I want to export AE Compositions through AME to an MP4 file. I have over 75 Compositions to export which I didn't create on my own.

      So some of thame are exporting just fine but I am now at the 10th Comp and I don't get it to export.

      When I start encoding in AME everything looks fine but after the first quarter the progress stops.

      But there is no error, the run time increases but also the remaining time increasis drastically. (In 5 minutes waiting, the remainig time increases by 30 minutes)

      2.PNGAs you can see the time increases continously.


      A normal encoding time for one of this 30 second samples normally takes about 10 minutes.


      I'm exporting to standard H.264/Mp4 and only changed the target bandwith to 6 mbits and the max to 9 mbits.