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    LR CC - Missing Camera & Lens profile

    Anthony TS Yong

      Ladies and Gentlemen, Can any LR CC expert review and help on solving this missing Camera Lens Profile link?

      I'm using PS & LR CC, on Thinkpad X220T, Win 10. 

      I'm using the following cameras: Nikon D7000, Pentax K50, Lumix G5, Olympus EP2. 

      I understand that Lumix G5 and Olympus are MFT cameras & LR does not do lens correction for MTF.

      LR CC does not provide Pentax camera lens profiles, Strangely PS CC is able to detect the Pentax K50 with Pentax lenses.


      It shows the following screen with non-camera related brands - Apple, DJI, GoPro, Huawei, LGE, Parrot, Yuneec.

      Is there a way that we get rid of all these unknown brands, and substitute with real camera brand lens.


      Tried Customs Setup, it does not seem to find any profile online or YouTube. 

      Also links on how to creating your own Camera Lens Profiles, seems to be not for layman.

      Maybe the PS & LR modules are not communicating, even though they are residing in the same folder.


      Appreciate your kind and expert advise.


      Anthony Yong