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    Sync and Managing Originals from LR mobile to Mac

    haraldb38274945 Level 1

      I am trying to transfer photos from my IPAD to my mac and to reorganize the originals. Transfer als such works fine with LR Mobile, can See the photos on the Mac, can shift them into other "Sammlungen" (I have the German version) and can also the original files in the corresponding "Ordner". When I click right on a photo and choose "Show in Finder" I can see the file, See the size, see where ist is on the Disk etc.

      however, when I want to move the orgininal into my normal folder structure within LR this does not work. Simply no action.

      Perhaps a reason: when I warnt to locate the file outside LR simply by opening the finder and navigating to the directory where the file should be I can see a file mobile downloads.lrdata, which in my case has a size of 76 MB, but no diretory or subdirectory (when I choise "Show in finder", See above, I can See this file als directory with actually the same size and the original files in it. Looks like a compressed Directoryto me...

      whatever: can someone give me a hint what I have to do so that I can shift the original files which I have transferred from my IPAD into my normal folder structure (these originals actually Arne nötig in the harddrive oft my mac but in an external Drive, and I wann all Originals staying at the Same place).