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    Using a Digital Signature Field, "Execute Once Signed" Javascripts are Not Working on Spawned Template.


      I've been searching all over and can't find a solution to this problem.


      I have fields that display the current date after the digital signature field is completed.  We're doing the signing via a physical signature pad (using an add-on called Topaz.GemSignPlus).  When I set up the fields, it works beautifully (and I've done this dozens of times before on many other forms); it shows the signature complete and verified and the date populates into the read-only "Date Signed" text field.  But when I make my form page into a template and spawn copies of the template it doesn't work.  Javascripts that I have set-up on other fields (usually triggered on MouseUp) work just fine on the spawned template.  I can even get MouseUp and OnBlur scripts to work from the Digital Signature field, and those will work just fine on the spawned template (but are not an ideal solution because they end up showing as a change and invalidates the signature verification).  So I really need to be using the the "Execute Once Signed" section of the Digital Signature field, but the Javascripts refuse to run from this section on the Spawned Template pages.


      I am spawning my templates maintaining the original field names (necessary for functionality of other scripts), so I am technically ending up with two copies of each field (Signature#0 on the original hidden template which the user cannot access or view and Signature#1 on the newly spawned template).  I'm suspect this part of my problem, because I've noticed in the Javascripts that all my MouseUp and OnBlur scripts get edited with Annot1, Annot2, Annot3, etc. on each spawned template, but the "Execute Once Signed" scripts don't do that part about the Annot.


      I'm running Acrobat XI versions 11.0.16 on Windows 7.