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    InDesign has crashed frequently for over a year, despite troubleshooting efforts


      Indesign crashes frequently for over a year, even though I've un-installed and re-installed, and upgrade to the most current version.  I have a hunch there may be an issue with the LINKS and/or BACKGROUND TASKS tool windows, because it's during an export-to-PDF and/or an edit-original-link that the crashes occur.  Further, whenever I return from editing an original link without ID crashing, the LINK and BACKGROUND TASK windows have self-closed and I have to reopen them from the Windows menu.  The crashes seem to occur after I've done a lot of back-and-forth with editing linked-docs, as if the crashes result from some cumulative issue.


      P.S. is there any way to contact Adobe by phone, or at least directly by chat?  Forum replies are hit-and-miss and often take a long time to pan out.