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    I want to know the reasons for slide not working

    mail85545566 Level 1

      I just got my new ink & slide for my iPad mini 4. Ink works fine. Slide never responds. My setting in Adobe Draw is 1) turn on palm rejection; 2)enable slide.

      Can any Adobe staff could help me to know the reason:

      1. Is it a common problem? If not, mine must be a broken one. If yes, then:

      2. Is there any specific settings I need to do in the iOS setting? If yes, please help me to find it. If not, then:

      3. Is the device compatible with iPad mini 4? Your website says it's compatible with iPad mini and iPad mini with retina display.

      Someone please reach out to help.

      There is no phone or email customer service on this device. Directing customers with trouble to a forum is not a right solution for a responsible company to do.