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    Importing/Exporting Audio Issues

    AnScathMarcach Level 1

      I'm trying to export a clip of my animation I'm working on, but when I try to open the file in Media Encoder to be exported, it tells me it "can't be imported because the source file has no importable streams". My animation in my Animate file has no audio tracks whatsoever, and has been importing with no problems until now.


      So then I tried to add an audio track in Animate which usually gets rid of this error, but now no matter what MP3 file I try to import, it says it "can't be imported". This happened before in Flash back when you needed to have iTunes and Quicktime installed in order to import MP3s, but not only do I have them, but the article for Adobe Animate says you no longer need these installed anymore to work.


      How can I fix this? I can't do anything with my animation until I can solve this.