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    Flash Runtime Sharing

      Hi there, i have a flash movie (main.swf) which loads shared resources from another flash movie (resources.swf) using 'import for runtime sharing'. The problem is that the flash movie which stores all the shared items (resources.swf) is in a subdirectory, and that subdirectory url sometimes changes. The problem is that if the directory URL changes, i have to then re-edit my main flash movie and specify the new URL to resources.swf. I was wondering if it is possible to change the import URL at runtime or to store it in a txt file , for example, so it can be easily changed in the future, other than re-editing it.

      I really hope someone can help or give me any alternatives as this is driving me crazy

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          You have a couple of different options. You could pass the variable in on a query string in the by adding a query string to the program path in the object tag which calls the program in the first place. Here's how I get my current url:
          <param name="movie" value="<cfoutput>flash/navscroller/navscrollerl.swf?S1=#URL.S1#&S2=#URL.S2#</cfoutput>" />
          Or you can use LoadVaribles. Or perhaps even Load the data in from a database via ASP or Coldfusion or whatever.
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            Mad_Rhino Level 1
            Hi there, thanks for replying to my post, however, this is not the case when specifying the "import for runtime sharing" URL for a movieclip.

            I am a bit stumped with this one