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    Verification e-mailaddress Creative Cloud is not existing

    Anne Somers

      Dear sir, madam, 

      One week ago I bought a key for Creative Cloud. After I downloaded the installation app, the key was accepted. While installing the download app, I had to confirm my e-mailadres. The e-mail adres mentioned in the app, is an old, non-existing adres, so I cannot confirm my account. I checked my Adobe account and confirmed (again) a correct adres.   

      In the app, I still see the old address, even after installing the desktop installation app again. I have deleted all apps of Adobe from my computer and try to install it again, but it keep showing the old e-mailaddress. So the problem continues, and I cannot use Creative Cloud. How can this problem be solved? I'm a student and I use Adobesoftware for my study.  Thanks if anyone can help me. 


      Kind regards, Anne Somers