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    Shake Reduction applied inconsistently


      I´m experiencing an issue with APE 14 whereby applying shake reduction is inconsistently applied to the clip. If I add a clip and add "handles" to it then apply shake reduction then the clip is stabilised as expected. As soon as I then add a transition between clips (Cross Dissolve) it tells me to re-apply the shake reduction. Most of the time doing this resets the stabilisation and re-applying it does nothing and I end up with an unstabilised clip. Only deleting the transition and reapplying the stabilisation will result in a stabilised clip.

      Sometimes (rarely) it is fine and the stabilisation remains, but this behavior is very inconsistent to the point that I am having difficulty being able to describe a scenario which is reproducable.

      I have completely uninstalled and reinstalled APE which hasn´t helped. Any ideas?