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    How to use your composition


         So I just spent a substantial amount of time building this beautiful flare and cannot figure out the simple step of disconnecting it from the background. In other words when I grab the center of it and move it I am moving the entire rectangular solid not just the flare. another example is if I change the scale to place it in another project I am scaling a rectangle not just the flare. In other words how do I make the flare an independent property? What do I need to turn off? Thx

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          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          You will never learn AE without going through some basic training. It's just way too complicated. You animate effects by animating their properties. If you want to move the flair center then move the Flair Center with effects controls.


          Please start here: Basic AE


          Make sure you take the time to learn about video formats, standards, compression and everything else related to video. Video is bound by rules that are not easily broken.


          Learn to use the Search Help field in AE. Type the name of the effect you are using or the procedure that you are trying to use in the Search Help field at the top right corner of AE and check out the system resources. Most of them are excellent.


          Do not trust YouTube tutorials to give you good recommendations or instructions. A great many of them teach bad habits and inefficient workflows. Some of them really give bad advice. You need to vet your training materials and make sure that the person giving advice has some reasonable credentials. AE is a professional app built for professionals and if you jump in without taking time to learn how the process works you'll just be bumping your head against the wall all the time.

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            Mrwipg Level 1

              I appreciate the input Rick. Know please excuse me for not being more versed in AE and Adobe verbiage. I am not just trying to move the flare by it's center or Key frame animation. The issue I am having is the background is not transparent. When creating the stock lens flare, from (effects and presets) I drug it onto a new "black" solid layer.


            The 1920x1080 shape layer and the Lens flare from the effects and presets pull down are conjoined and working in unison with the handles. My understanding of the definition of "Handles". These are what surround an object or text so that you can size or move your object with your selection tool.


            Twirling down the Flare layer to expose the options and redefining the anchor points, scale, or position or just even grabbing the center of the flare with the selection tool moves the entire 1920x1080 object "not" the flare independently. This is problematic when trying to utilize it in another composition. Instead of this nice beautiful flare you now have this nice rectangular box with a flare in it.


            I began a new composition with a new black shape layer, opened effects and presets and drug a new lens flare onto the layer. I did nothing more and it also will not work independently of the 1920x1080 layer. 


            What I see in my tutorial of how to make this flare is that the handles of the educators primary window are blue and his flare works independently, mine however are red as  they usually are. I'm sure this means nothing but it is absolutely the only thing I can find different. I believe there is a setting I simply need to shut off in my tools to release the flare from being tied to the solid layer, allowing it to act independently of the 1920x1080 rectangular shape.


            Thanks for your time

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              Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              And your lens flare to a black layer. Set the blend mode for that layer to Add or Screen. Make sure the black layer with the lens flare is on the top of the timeline. If the Modes column is not visible in the timeline press F4  or select the second icon at the bottom of the timeline on the left to reveal both the Modes and Switches column at the same time.


              Typing "lens flare" in the search help field at the top right corner of AE would take you to a half a dozen tutorials and resources that explain exactly how to use that effect.

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                Mrwipg Level 1

                Thanks Rick


                  I really appreciate your input and expertise on the subject. I had all those commands in place except the Flare on top. I moved it, tried it and unfortunately got the same result. I also went ahead and tried all layers on add and all layers on screen, which still left me in the same predicament. Thank you though I loved how that changed the expression of the flare. I do have all layers parented with the Lens flayer and pick whipped various different ways. Also all layers in the TrkMat read "none" except for the Flare in the #1 position which just has an empty grey box with no option for anything.


                In an effort to give you as much information as I can, allow me to ask this question of you. The center handle at the 960x540 pixel location also has the small square attached to it by its upper left hand corner. I know in previous compositions this has identified anchor points, x, y, and z positions. I can only remove the handles around the outside of the composition window by clicking in the timeline. This still leaves the small square in the same center location,  it also leaves one line across the top of the window. Both the square and line are made up of tiny red dots, neither are solid. The square has accentuated  corner dots along with the vertical and horizontal centers. 


                It is with great humility I ask you to re-enlighten me of the key strokes to remove these. I believe they may be my issue.  


                Thanks again for your time

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                  Szalam Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                  Some screenshots of your interface demonstrating your problems would likely be very helpful in getting more specific answers.