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    The Adobe "Test Flash Player" says it is not installed; the installer says it is.

    susanl86061890 Level 1

      I am trying to download an app that needs Flash 11.1 - which it says I do not have. Step 1: When I go to the Adobe Flash download page, it tells me that Flash comes with Windows 8, and therefore I don't need to download it. Step 2: When I hit the button that says "Test Flash Player", the message says "Flash is either not installed, not enabled, or ActiveX  filtering is on". Step 3: I follow the instructions for enabling Flash (it already is) and turning off ActiveX filtering (it is already off), but Test Flash gives me the same message. If I try downloading Flash, I go back to Step 1.


      Microsoft tells me to get help from Adobe. Of course, there is no help from Adobe except this forum. If anyone can help with this I would appreciate it.