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    Several Ideas about Flash Platform

      1.Since Flash support SOAP, that means in the future any UPNP devices can embed a .swf to
      be the user interface that can be downloaded by Flash Player.
      Since Flash Player can run in desktop, embed systems(PDA, Cell Phone..etc) even PSP,
      the users can control the UPNP devices anywhere.
      I think it's really cool idea and I guess that's the reason why SONY what to port Flash Player into
      PSP or other products(SONY TV?).
      2.Of course, Web Services are supported by Flash, so it'll be easy to implement the Flash UI by the service provider. So any Web Service can be used by any platform that can run Flash Player. I think it'll be really cool
      to use Google's web service with the cell phone or PSP without the slow browser. No wounder that Adobe said Flash Anywhere. (I like it!)
      3. All the .swf can be provided by the device vendor, so there is no need to create any program to communicate with the devices by the Flash Platform. That's a perfect solution for the embed systems.
      4. The Flash Extension is extremly powerful that can create a path to communicate with any system provided functions for embed systems. But the security is also extremly important with the extensions.
      5. If Flash can change the core architecture to use hardware acceleration, the Linux user can even use Flash Player instead of X11. And all the applications can be implemented with Flash.

      Just serveral ideas but I am trying to make some of them come true!

      By the way, another question to Adobe, when will you to create the hardware accelerated 3D API for Flashers?