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    Hide the "Text Input Port" of text frames


      Hi guys,


      I have this little problem where I use a path as a text frame. Of course, this text frame automatically gets the little squares in the corners that are used to chain text frames together (I think they're called input and output ports). However, now I want to edit the path using the Direct Selection tool, but I cannot move the top left node because it's covered by the text input port.


      Here's a picture to help understand my problem: http://imgur.com/i4aTiiP


      As you can see, the top left node of the path is covered up by a little blue square. When I click on that with the direct selection tool, I get the cursor with text appended to it and could now link this text frame to another. But I want to move the node instead.


      Is there a way to hide these text input port squares, or otherwise circumvent this problem?


      Thanks in advance!