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    Newbie trying to add 2-column sections to mostly 1-column book

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      Using InDesign CC on a PC. Have been using Nigel French's "Designing a Book" tutorial from Lynda.com. It's been a laborious task for me just to get a 6x9 book formatted. So I'm on page 1 with a chapter heading and all of the body text inserted. The thing is, the very first thing I have to do--and will have to do throughout--is create 2 columns for text that is in Latin on one side and English on the other. When I've tried using Text Frame Options and selecting 2 columns, I suddenly get a blank page with 2 columns, while all the first page text is now on page 2. I've tried selecting the text and then creating 2 columns, but I get the same result.


      I tried cutting and pasting my Latin and English into those frames on page 1 and then adjusting the height of the columns, but Latin for the most part will take up less room than English, so I'd like to have the Latin column smaller so the English side can be larger and the text line up with each other.


      Simply can't figure out how to adjust column size. If I were in Word, I'd be able to fiddle with the column sizes, and I'd also be able to set make this a "section" so that the rest of the text stays in 1 column.


      WHY did even the Chapter heading jump to the second page? Can't I just insert a section that's 2 columns within a 1 column-mostly book?


      Hope someone can help. I'm honestly in over my head with InDesign, but having tried to create this book in MS Word with which I am much more familiar, I gave up with the limitations and frustrations.