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    Intel HD 520 card causes white areas/blanks in pictures in Lightroom Develop module in new X1 Carbon Gen 4

    bearspa Level 1

      I have a new Lenovo laptop with an i7-6600U CPU, 16 GB RAM, and an Intel 520 HD GPU, driver dated 2/2/16.  I'm using Lightroom CC 2015.5.1.


      The GPU passes the Lenovo hardware diagnostics tests.


      In Lightroom CC, in Develop Module, moving the adjustment sliders or just moving the cursor anywhere often causes the picture I’m working on to mostly turn bright white, or mostly bright white with holes.  Moving cursor on or off the adjustment panel restores picture (see attached examples).  Only happens when LR told to use the Graphics Processor via Edit>Preferences>Performance--does not happen when this box is not checked.


      Here's an example of a RAW photograph opened in Develop:




      and then when I work on it with GPU on:




      If I move the cursor, picture goes back to normal, although the problem can occur again with different parts going blank.


      I have read of LR problems with other cards, so, if this is a software related issue, I can live with it--just turn the GPU off.  I just want to rule out the possibility that I have a defective GPU.


      Thanks for your help