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    Rendring Adobe AE 2015


      Hello! I needs your help. Some time ago i started my project. I made Intro and i hadent any problems with render , but now i start to render my video and i sow that till some minutes rendring begun slower and slower and than i can see 1 frame to 10-11 sec. And you can see it on screenshot. Can you help me anyone?

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          Gutter-Fish Level 4

          Impossible to say without knowing the detailed anatomy of your compositions.  Some frames are going to render slower than others depending on what it's rendering.  If I just have some images cross fading it will render those frames very quickly.  If I have a sequence with lots of keyframes, high res images, motion blur & several effects, those frames are going to render very very slow (maybe as much as a minute or more for each frame). It all depends.  10 seconds a frame is not that bad.

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            OTEJIJIO Level 1

            But i rendered all nihgt and i can see that it rendered ebout 100-200 frames from a night

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              OTEJIJIO Level 1

              And it`s all with out correction of color or motion blur .

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                Gutter-Fish Level 4

                Well again....knowing nothing about your project,  nobody is going to be able to tell you much of anything.


                But looking at the latest picture you posted I think it's safe to say you should be using a video editing software like Premier, not After Effects.  After Effects is not a Video Editor.

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                  KoMaruyama Adobe Community Professional

                  I don't think it's about your project at all.  I agree that you should edit and render this in PremierePro!

                  It's possible that your build of After Effects has a memory leak.  It could be in the version of After Effects, or in a plugin that you are using.


                  Have you tried rendering a sequence instead of .avi? 

                  Also - check how much available disk space you have remaining.



                  Я не думаю, что это о вашем проекте на всех. Вы должны изменить и сделать это в PremierePro .

                  Может быть , After Effects имеет место утечка памяти . Это может быть в версии After Effects или плагин , который вы используете .

                  Вы пробовали рендеринга последовательность вместо .avi ?

                  проверить , сколько дискового пространства вы оставили

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                    OTEJIJIO Level 1

                    and now i must to download PremierePro to continue render . Ok! Thank you )