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    Flash on Linux

      I have a development web server and production web servers running Red Hat Enterprise 3, Apache 2.0.46 and PHP version 4.3.2. I successfully run my flash on the development server as long as the client has Flash version 6 or above installed. When I attempt to run it on production, with a Flash version less than 8, it does not function the same way. It does load the flash, however, it does not load the images whose relative paths I am sending to it.

      The following is what is returned to the Flash request action script:

      activity=sort&word=effective&sentence=You have an effective way of studying for tests.&instructions=Instructions: Pick up the word and drop it in its correct category.&answer_id=2&tries_allowed=2&bucketcount=3&bucket1value=1&bucket1category=Verb&b ucket1image=/images/vocabulary/1-8/activities/sort/5-8/red.jpg&negative_feedback1=Sorry, effective is not a Verb.&bucket2value=2&bucket2category=Adjective&bucket2image=/images/vocabulary/1-8/activi ties/sort/5-8/blue.jpg&negative_feedback2=Sorry, effective is not an Adjective.&bucket3value=3&bucket3category=Noun&bucket3image=/images/vocabulary/1-8/activi ties/sort/5-8/green.jpg&negative_feedback3=Sorry, effective is not a Noun.&feedback=SUPER!&question_num=1&numTries=0&calculate=true&background_color=ffffce

      Please try it by doing the following with a Flash version less than 8 to see it successfully run.

      1. Go to http://dev.kidbiz3000.com
      2. Log in as user: flash and password: flash
      3. Click on the link for Vocabulary.
      4. Click on the icon 'See it in Action'.
      5. Complete the multiple choice activity (3 questions)
      6. When multiple choice activity is complete, click on the icon for 'Sort'
      7. The sort activity is FLASH. Images are inserted based on the Flash's request to my PHP page which returns to the flash, amongst other things, the relative path to the images to insert.

      NOW, do the same thing but go to this URL: http://www.kidbiz3000.com. Follow steps 2 to 7 above. As you see, the images are not loading.

      PLEASE HELP!! If you need any more info, please let me know.