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    Multi-Screen Issue with Lightroom 6


      Intially installed Lightroom on Laptop with a two screen setup and all seemed to work fine.  Only issue was the quality of the second screen - an old SyncMaster 940.  It worked fine either when connected directly to the PC or via a USB docking station and was always used by Lightroom as the Second screen for Loup etc.


      Have since added a second external screen (very recent model iiyama) to the system to get higher resolution and better aspect ratio and want to use this screen as the second screen with Lightroom.


      System has been configured in windows with the new external screen as 2 and the old one as 3 - windows sees them as the right models etc. and all works fine with other applications.


      However Lightroom will only recognise the old screen and will not utilise the new screen if the old one is completely disconnect from the dock.   If the old is disconnected then Lightroom will recognise the new screen but as soon as it is reconnected Lightroom tries to use the old screen even if powered off.


      It appears like Lightroom/Windows is maintaining a record of the old screen and tries to use it if a connection to that screen is detected.  Both screens are connected via DVI.  Switching the output around on the Dock has no effect so I guess its not the dock port number that is being used.


      Any ideas of how to get LR working as required on the 3 monitor system please.