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    Efficiency Gained by Using Character Animator


      I am a writer / producer with a number of short animated projects I would like to create. Because I'm not an artist, this means I'll be paying outside people to create the character illustrations.


      My question is: how much efficiency, in rough %, is gained by using Character animator versus traditional key-framed animation techniques? I.e., if I'm puppeteering the character is there still significant animation work to be done? I am skilled at video and audio editing so I feel capable of taking on minor animation work - ex. moving characters about on timeline - if needed.



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          oksamurai Employee Moderator

          For short, quick animation projects, I'd say CH is a great fit. Drawing/rigging the character is definitely the biggest time sink, but performing and editing can be a (relatively) quick process if you're on a deadline (but there's also the depth for more fine-tuned detail if you want to sink more time into it). And the auto lip sync is a huge time saver as well.


          Example: We had a user who made a short broadcast piece, and then realized they wanted to do some extra exclusives for the web and other outlets. Because they had everything already in CH, they were able to crank out the extras within a matter of minutes - one take of live performance with 1 person as the voice talent and another controlling the key triggers/etc, and that was it.


          Anyway, I'd experiment recording some tests with the example files (https://forums.adobe.com/docs/DOC-6029) and see how it feels to you!

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