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    cant find it in AE?

    lag42 Level 1

      Just downloaded the trial version of After effect and experimenting a bit. One thing that puzzles me:  where on earth do I find the, in/out points. Wrecking my brain and eyes out here, just cant find them?



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          UQg Level 4

          Your question is very unclear.


          In the project panel, you can find the in and out points of a footage in some of the columns of the listbox (see screenshot). If those columns don't appear, right click the listbox title row and  recheck the in/out points columns.


          In the timeline panel, to modify the in/out points of a layer, hover the cursor towards the start or end of the layer until it becomes a left-right arrow, then click and drag.


          If it's something else, try give more details...




          ps: forgot the screenshot:




          And yes, i forgot, there is also an inpoint and an outpoint column in the timeline panel, which you can show/hide by the same method as for panel panel (right click the title row).

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            Szalam Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            If you're new to AE, just opening it up and poking around is going to cause more frustration than it's worth. I highly recommend going through this first. That's the best (free) way I know to get up to speed quickly with AE.

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              lag42 Level 1

              Yep! youre absolutely right, I was wrecking my brains out and yet I'm very used with Premiere-Pro. I took your advice and its already a great help!


              all the best.