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    Import Problems in Lightroom CC / Windows 10

    Bryan Manka

      Import Problems in Lightroom CC / Windows 10


      I'm having problems importing a batch of photos from a recent shoot. I'm importing pictures, all shot from the same camera on the same day, from an SD card to my hard drive using the "Copy as DNG" option.  My original files are Nikon raw (.NEF) format with JPG sidecars.  Out of 292 files attempted in the import, only 7 are converted to .DNG format and make it into my catalog.  The remaining files have all been copied to my hard drive but are not converted to .DNG and do not appear in my catalog.  When I attempt to Import and convert the remaining files that were copied to my hard drive but not converted to DNG or added to my catalog, the files display with a check box but ultimately fail to get converted or added to the catalog.


      I've also tried copying the originals directly to a folder on my hard drive and doing the Lightroom import from there and get a similar result.


      I'm running Lightroom CC on a Windows 10 PC.  Any idea what could be causing the issue?