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    LiveBooks edit suite plugin won't install

    PatrickInSeattle Level 1

      Back in the olden days we used to download a plugin to our downloads folder, open plugin manager in LR and install the plugin. In about 1 minute we were back in business.


      Fast forward to today's computer advancements and the process is this:

      - Download and install the free Creative Cloud application from this location https://creative.adobe.com/products/creative-cloud

      - Make sure Files Syncing is turned on in the Creative Cloud app preferences

      - On this plug-in page click on "Free" / "Install" to aquire the plugin. The "Free" button will change to "Install" once you are signed in

      - In a few seconds Creative Cloud should issue a notification such as "The Add-on was installed"

      - This does not mean that the plug-in is installed with Lightroom but rather that the plugin has been downloaded from your Adobe account to your local drive as a ZIP file

      - Browse your Downloads folder and look for this file "livebookslrplugin.zip"

      - Extract the plugin archive to a known location on your local disk

      - Start Adobe Photoshop Lightroom and open the Plugin Manager (File -> Plug-in Manager)

      - Under the list of plugins click on "Add"

      - Inside the popup window browse to the location of the extracted plugin and select the "liveBooks.lrplugin" package then click Add Plug-in

      - While still in the Lightroom Plug-in Manager click on "Done"

      - The plugin is now installed and you can proceed to configuration


      Now, if you have had a computer issue and somehow that plugin vanished then you find yourself with a new issue. Adobe CC says it's already on your computer. A search says it's not. LR says it's not. Now there doesn't appear to be a way to just download the damn plugin and install it the old fashioned way. After spending hours trying to correct this I give up.


      Can anyone tell me where I can get this file? Editsuite Publish Service


      I don't mean the page that Adobe says you can download it with all of the above steps I mean just that little, tiny plugin. I know how to put it in the correct folder and install it into LR, all I need is that plugin.