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    Cannot get image purchased on Friday 5/20/2016


      Purchased image on Friday.  Now it is Sunday afternoon and I still cannot get my image. There is a blue button that says one image is available.  The button does nothing when I click on it.

      I have cleared cookies and cache and history, I have signed in and out, several times, I have turned off pop up blocker, I tried using a different browser, there is nothing on my license page, I do not know what else to do.

      Running Windows 10.

      Have receipt showing order confirmation and order number. 

      Please can I get some assistance,  I need this image, if I am not able to get it, please refund my account so I can go somewhere else to purchase.

      This is my first attempt using Adobe Stock and choose this site thinking any stock image I need would be easy to download and use with my PScc and LRcc account.  I am so disappointed right now.  Chat states available 24/7, but says it is currently closed?????

      HELP!  PLEASE!