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    Trouble switching from CC to standalone license


      I was subscribed to Adobe CC Photography Plan, but purchased a standalone license for Lightroom 6 from Amazon.com. I discontinued my CC membership. After my CC plan expired, I began getting the error "Lightroom will open with reduced functionality. Please go to Help->Manage My Account to purchase a membership to continue using Lightroom."


      I have tried the following:

      • Uninstalled Lightroom CC, installed Lightroom 6
      • Added license to Adobe.com
      • Deleted every Adobe product on my machine
      • Used Adobe CC Cleaner
      • Reinstalled Lightroom 6 only


      Every time I launch a fresh install of Lightroom, it asks me for my Adobe account info and promptly tells me that I need to purchase a new subscription. At no point during the installation am I prompted for a license key.


      I spent a considerable amount of time on the chat support, who were utterly useless. They tried to tell me that clicking the checkbox for "Never show this error again" would solve my issue (uhm no, that does not solve the underlying issue of my product not activating). Spent an hour going back and forth with Twitter support, which seems like a guessing game.


      This is really really driving me up the wall. Anyone try to do this before and know how to proceed?