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    How do I try to restore a "corrupt" catalog LR6 CC2015


      I attempted to open a catalog that was on an ext. hard drive as normal. I was given message that it may have been corrupted and could not open. I tried the option to attempt repair. I was given message that it couldn't do it, but it might be able to in the future. No luck several times. HD still works and all images are still on it. It is backed up with a mirror copy "backup drive" I made and use frequently as I work. I backup my catalog almost daily as well when shutting down LR. I had to open LR using an older catalog not used in order to get here for help.

      If I have been backing up catalogs, great, except I can't find out how to attempt to restore from the last backup which was just after my last major edit session. FAQ's have been unhelpful and often leading off on tangents.

      What or where can I find a step process to fix my catalog? Thoughts?