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    Trouble with button unloading a movie clip

      This is an extension of the problem that I've been having with my e-learning course. I am making a glossary file that will have vocabulary terms pertaining to the lesson that is being accessed by the user. I have multiple swf files which are being managed via XML. In the main swf file (the shell for the course), I have a button to remove the external swf that is the glossary file. The glossary file is being loaded into an empty movie clip -- and I would like the close window movie clip to empty the hold movie clip. I've attached the code if anyone could tell me where i've gone wrong. Thanks for any suggestions...
        • 1. Trouble with button unloading a movie clip
          TimSymons Level 1
          removeMovieClip() only works with movies that were attached the createEmptyMovieClip, duplicateMovieClip, attachMovieClip, and MovieClip.duplicateMovieClip (see help files). I think what you need to use is the unloadMovie() method.

          Also, I'm not sure your syntax for the loadMovie is correct. However, you unload the movie use the following:


          You should look up the syntax for loadMovie(), the help docs for the way you are using it say the following:

          loadMovie(url:String, [method:String])

          you seem to have too many arguments in your method call.