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    Brightness Issue Camera Raw


      Once downloaded from Canon D7, Camera Raw photos the pictures look bright, but once I click on them for preview they become dark and stay dark when opened in Camera Raw for processing. This problem occurred suddenly. My system is based on Microsoft Edge and CS 6. I would appreciate anyone's resolution of this issue.

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          ssprengel Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          A couple-three possibilities:


          1)  You have enabled Highlight Tone Priority in the Canon 7D and it purposely shoots dark then creates a camera JPG that is digitally brightened.  Since you're working with the raw file and not the camera JPG, the RAW data is as the camera shot it, dark.  You have to fix it in LR to make it brighter.  If you are going to be using Raw, then turn off HTP and other auto-fix functions in the camera that only affect JPGs the camera produces not the raw file.


          2a)  You have customized your Camera Raw defaults in an unexpected way that make things darker.  Look at the Basic toning settings for one of your photos at the top of Develop and see if they are all either As Shot or Zeroed.


          2b)  You've applied a preset during Import that has non-zero Basic toning set.  Look at the Basic toning settings and see if they are non-zero.