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    Animation and Audio issue in SWF exported file


      Hi Everyone.

      I have looked through previous forums and can't find an answer to this question so I am hoping that someone has a solution.


      I have a group of students doing presentations in InDesign CC 2015.  They have animated the content of each slide with different types of animation and used the timing panel to delay the animations so that they appear over a period of time.  they now have to put audio to each slide within the presentation.  They are using individual audio clips (mp3 sound files) for each slide which is placed using the media panel or file / place. 


      The sound works and the animation works when played on the EPUB preview panel. 


      When it is checked on the SWF or exported as SWF the audio and the animation play in order not simultaneously.   The order is dependent on their position in the timing panel.


      When the audio is linked to an animated object in the timing panel to play at the same time it does play with that animated object but the rest of the animations don't play until the audio is complete. 


      Does anyone have a solution to this problem for me.  Thanks in advance for any help you can give me.