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    Can't Adobe Lens Profile Creator handle 36 MP files?


      I tried to calibrate a first lens for my Pentax K-1 and its 36 MP sensor - and was quite irritated that Adobe Lens Profile Creator (latest version 1.0.4.) was not willing to process the full resolution DNGs with the required test chart shots. It gave a warning that - looking for the corners of the test chart - the memory requirements were exceeded and that I should try with a lesser number of images. I reduced the nine provided shots to three, but got the same warning - starting with the first pic analyzed.


      I then grudgingly converted the DNGs to JPGs and tried again - same result.


      For a third try I limited longest edge of the converted JPGs to 3000 px - and lo and behold the creation process with the same pics (now downsized) went through. But to my dismay I found that the created profiles weren't available for my DNGs - and that's what I wanted them for ...


      I found a workaround for that - simply switched the RAW tag in the created .LCP file to "true" - but of course am not satisfied with this solution. Would really like to be able to process the full rez DNGs without any workarounds. And ideas?


      One additional info: the Profile Creator ran on a Win 10 machine with 16 GB RAM and plenty of SSD space - so I don't think the computer was the limiting factor here.