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    Having trouble export multiple PDF files to excel




      I am having trouble export multiple PDF files to excel.


      All the files have the same field names. I tried to combine all the files into one and then export it to excel. But what I got was a giant excel file with pages of data instead of a consolidated file with the same field names and different values under it.


      Anyone can help?


      Thank you.

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          Karl Heinz Kremer Adobe Community Professional

          Let's take a step back to figure out exactly what you are trying to accomplish:


          There are two methods to get data from a PDF file into an Excel document:


          - You can export the whole file to an Excel document. This is done if you e.g. have a PDF file that started out as a spreadsheet, and you want to end up with a spreadsheet again.


          - You can export the data in one or more PDF forms into a spreadsheet format. This will ignore anything that is not a field, and will give you the output you are describing.


          Based on your description, I assume you want to perform the second method, but you are actually using the first method.


          You don't specify which version of Acrobat you are using so I will assume it's the latest. In Acrobat DC, open one of your forms (otherwise, you cannot select the "Prepare Form" tool) select "Tools>Prepare Form>More" as indicated in this screenshot:




          This will bring up a menu, from which you select "Merge Data Files into Spreadsheet":




          Now you can select one or more PDF forms and have the data converted to a spreadsheet.


          Do not concatenate the forms! You may not have noticed this, but if you have the same form multiple times, filled out in different ways, and you merge the files, the data from the first form will be copied to all other copies of that form. This will destroy the data that was entered in copies 2 to n.