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    Editing PDF -> Adobe Acrobat DC has encountered an unknown error

    moiran Level 1

      It seems to be a common problem, judging by the forum, but there seems not to be a general fix. When I try to edit some pdf-documents I get the not so informative error message "Adobe Acrobat DC has encountered an unknown error". I get the error message when I hit the "Edit PDF"- button and every time I hit the tool buttons "Edit", "Add text" or "Add image". The other tool buttons does not seem to do anything at all.


      There is no problem viewing the documents, everything looks all right. If I print one of them with Adobe PDF-printer, the resulting document can be edited without any error messages. That makes me suspect that there is something wrong with these documents. How can I find out what the problem is?


      System info:

      OS: Windows 8.1 Enterprise

      Acrobat version: Adobe Acrobat Pro DC v. 2015-016-20039


      • There are no document restrictions and no security method is set in the documents I have problems with.
      • If I run Preflight Analysis, I get "Compatible with Acrobat 5" and "No problems found"
      • I have tried re-installing Acrobat, and rebooting the computer, but the problems still persists.


      How do I get to the bottom with this?