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    Emailing from Lr


      One and all - hi.


      I'm emailing one image from Lr.


      So I choose the image I want to send. From 'file' I click on 'email photo' and get taken to the Lr page where I choose recipients. Click on 'send' which takes me to MacMail where I can write a message. All good so far.


      My recipient in the US prefers for me to send the image as an attachment so that he can examine the image in fine detail - rather than just having the image sitting in the body of my text/message.


      So my question is, should I be using the 'Export...' module in Lr rather than emailing from 'file'?


      Allan Wiggins

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          Bob Somrak Level 6

          The other person should still be able to right click the embedded image and save it as an attachment.  If not, just export the file from Lightroom, compress it to a Zip file and then send the Zip file as an attachment.

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            allanw77817543 Level 1

            Apologies Bob - slow response to your answer to my question.


            Thanks for the advice and the speedy email back to me.


            (Been a bit crazy here.)


            Allan Wiggins

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              allanw77817543 Level 1

              Bob. I see what you mean about right clicking on the embedded image for my guy in the US to view what I send him.


              He wants to view my image in PS, in order to give me instruction on what a given problem might be. To do that he likes the attachment to be around 5 to 10 MB - a file that has a fair amount of info. The files I send are made using a BetterLight 6000E-HS : a 5x4 scanning back. The scanning back fits into my Ebony 5x4 and uses continuous light for exposure. Maximum 16 bit scans are 288MB. "Zipping" a 288MB file only takes it to 243MB. In Lr I can email him a low res file which isn't really what we want.


              I see that in Lr I can create "New pre set"  just for sending to him, although I haven't done so yet as I'm not sure of the how. Can you point me in the right direction?



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                Bob Somrak Level 6

                Trying to create a quality, full res 5 to 10 MB file from a 288 MB original is probably going to be an exercise in futility as it is probably impossible as you have seen from even trying to ZIP the file. Your best bet is to upload the full res 288 MB (or at least convert it to 8 bit so the size will be 144MB) file to Dropbox or some other file sharing site and send the other person a link.

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                  allanw77817543 Level 1

                  Thanks Bob - I thought that might be your advice!


                  I'll try that.