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    Flex Hosting

    prdv Level 1
      Hello all,
      I'm trying to write a desktop application that, finally, will embed a flex 2.0 application (yes, imagine a kind of SAFlashPlayer that is "ExternalInterface" aware.)

      It is a mandatory request that this desktop appl is cross platform so I am writing it using C++ (I cannot do it using C#)
      It is also mandatory that both applications (desktop one and flex one) can call each other.

      Given that situation, I am using the NPRuntime approach to build the flexhost layer in such a way that the flash player feels like if it is being hosted by a internet browser like FireFox or safari. The results are very exciting, except for the interoperatibility between the host and the flash player plug-in:
      When I use ExternalInterface to issue a call from the flex appl, my host appl receives a string containing javascript code. I think that flash send that flavor with the hope that it is going to be evaluated by its host (because it thinks that the host is a javascript enabled browser.)
      At this point, it is frustrating for me because I (erroneously) supposed that the host appl will receive an xml describing the function call (that's the exact way that the activex version of Flash player does when it is hosted by any other
      windows application different from MSIE)

      So, the question is: Is there anybody out there that know if it is possible to "tell" Flash player to issue ExternalInterface.call in, let's say, XML flavor instead of javascripts evals?

      Thanks in advance.