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    RoboHelp 2015 responds very slowly

    Deepdene Level 1

      First, I'm sorry if I post this in the wrong category, but it seems the general RoboHelp category has been removed.


      I recently upgraded from RoboHelp 11 to RoboHelp 2015 on my Windows 2008 computer. I installed the available updates, patch 2 I believe, so there are no updates that I'm currently missing.


      I have converted my project, but when I started to work in RoboHelp I noticed that it responds very slowly. I'm really just trying to add new topics and edit existing ones; I haven't tried creating any output yet (normally, I would use the Microsoft HTML Help and WebHelp options). I have not experienced any problems with my projects before upgrading. It is the same size and saved in the same location as before.


      So the slowliness I experience applies to pretty basic operations:


      • clicking the RoboHelp icon in my Windows task bar
      • loading a topic in RH
      • clicking anywhere in the text; it takes a pretty long time before the cursor appears where I want it to
      • selecting text
      • typing; I'm typing away, but can't see on the screen what I'm writing


      It just feels... slow, which I'm not at all used to.


      Any suggestions or recommendations would be very appreciated. Thank you.