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    Making documents searchable?




      I'm new to this so please bear with me. I'm currently trying out Adobe Pro (30 days trial). I'm especially interested in text recognition function (making documents searchable). It's working great, I'm even able to convert multiple documents at the same time (and even entire folder structures), cool! My question is, is it possible to automate this process? If so, is it expected to work with a COM object to achieve that or can it be somehow done by e.g. passing certain parameters to Adobe Pro? Is there any sample of how to do it?

      Here is the thing: A client of mine will be putting a scanned document in a folder. My software is required to save it to a certain location but first I need to make the document searchable: Scan paper documents to searchable PDF | Adobe Acrobat DC tutorials  (see step 4).


      Can this process be automated using Adobe Pro? If so, what's the best approach?


      Thank you in advance!

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          try67 MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          [I moved your question to one of the Acrobat forums]


          No, Acrobat can't be automate in such a way. Adobe offers different products that can be as a part of the LiveCycle family, but they are much more expensive.

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            Thank you for answering my question. Could you please specify which Adobe product(s) are necessary to accomplish this goal? I understand that it is possible, just not with Adobe Pro alone? From what I saw so far, there are components out there allowing for PDF conversion to its searchable form, but I would really prefer to stay within Adobe family with this if possible. Thank you.