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    all key & subkeywords cross ref'd

      Hi all,

      Using RHX5, I re-imported an updated Word doc, and unlike its usual obedient indexing self, in which all the entries work great, now all of its index entries are suddenly cross-referenced. Which means that none of them link to text. In the properties boxes, the cross-reference check boxes are checked. The hhk file is the same.

      I tried twice. All of the other docs in the file imported and indexed correctly. What happened?

      Thank you,
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          RoboColum(n) Level 5
          The fact that the problem is limited to a single word document would seem to indicate that the problem is caused by the source file. Have you opened the offending document in Word and checked the index settings?
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            catamaran Level 1

            (arrgh, I let my reply time out, so will do it again). Yes, thanks I checked the word doc. The somewhat useful info I found was: right-clicking on an index lets you edit the properties. On the Mark Index Entry screen, three radio buttons provide cross ref choices: a field in which to type "See" text; a "Current Page" box (selected by default); and a "Page Range" box that activates and displays a list of bookmarks. However, this dialog contains the same choices that are in my good-index Word docs, and both are the default choices. The index entry fields don't have any flags set.

            Does RH contain cross ref choices anywhere? Are there field codes there?

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              catamaran Level 1
              In checking RH again, I find that active x link controls are associated with keywords, creating cross refs. However, these look so far beneath the covers that it's daunting. Is there a simple way I could have messed with these, such as creating an index with active x controls not turned on?

              Might it work to simply copy in a good hhk file and reimport the doc?