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    What counts as an editorial article?

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      Thanks to all who have answered questions for me in the past!  I'm branching my question off from another thread because I'm not sure my email reply worked, and I'm under a bit of a time crunch.

      As I mentioned in previous questions, I am making websites for a portfolio as I get started in web design.  I'm inventing fictional businesses/people and making websites as though for those businesses.  (Examples would be things like a cupcake bakery, a veterinarian, a violinist advertising for lessons, an event planner.  They're all inoffensive, and all made up out of my head.)  I hope to have created a bunch of these before I'm done, and have most or all of them displayed on my personal portfolio site.  Their purpose is to show my web skills so that I can get a job, or freelance work.  I'm planning to use Adobe Stock images in the sites.


      I see that Adobe Stock wants us to provide attribution of images when they are used on social media or in "an editorial article."


      1) What is an editorial article?


      2) If I create page mockups of a website I'm making for my portfolio, complete with images from Adobe Stock, and then post the mockups on my blog in an entry, does that count as an editorial article requiring attribution?


      3) If the answer to #2 is yes, do I need to put attribution on each of the images in the mockups, all together in one place on one of the mockups (like on one page of the mocked-up website), or listed in the text of the blog post?


      THANK YOU!